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For money, apps, and hosting, use Berylbit

Berylbit is a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain with smart contract functionality that aims to be the leader in hosting applications on its network.




Owning Berylbit

The Berylbit Token and Cryptocurrency .

BerylBit aspires to create a completely decentralized network! The Binance Smart Chain's BerylBit Token, will serve as the network's bridge asset. The blockchain provides excellent mining returns, a safe network, and DeFi features!

Secure Audited by Security Firms.
Trusted Bridges Berylbit-Labs only lists on trusted known Bridge protocols

What makes BerylBit different?


Proof of work ensures the network's security and decentralization.

Smart Contracts

The network supports EVM, allowing developers to create apps and other applications that use both on-chain and off-chain data.


The network provides a safe, low-cost, and quick mechanism for delivering money to anybody in the world in seconds, with no third party involvement.


Berylbit-labs is focusing on offering different programming languages for developers on the Berylbit network. The network intends to provide free hosting for apps and data.